Dr. Chris's Visit

Last Friday evening Dr. Chris Isichei from Faith Alive Hospital in Jos, Nigeria arrived at the doorstep of our home. There he was -  a friend I had made from a place so far away - the kind, generous, encouraging, small, humble man with the big smile. My family and I were eagerly awaiting his arrival. He has been traveling in the USA since June 30th through 14 cities to attend conferences and to promote Faith Alive and Baltimore is his second to last stop.  His presence in our home has been such a blessing. He is grateful for everything little thing that is done, repeatedly thanking us. He has many words of wisdom and pulls us together to pray a lot.

He says his visit here in Baltimore has been very good so far. On Saturday evening the HFWAF board members hosted a dinner party for Dr. Chris with the Nativity Nigeria Faith Alive missionaries and some other friends. The dinner was held at the lovely home of board member Melinda Capone and her husband Chris. Everyone had a good time catching up and reminiscing about their trips to Nigeria. Dr. Chris spent Sunday at  the Church of the Nativity in Timonium, Maryland greeting parishioners after mass. We had a nice dinner at my home Sunday evening joined by Dr. Chris's traveling companion Russ McCahan (President of Faith Alive Foundation USA) and Erika Nossokoff's (International Coordinator Faith Alive Foundation Nigeria & author of Notes from Nigeria blog) son who came into town. Monday Dr. Chris got some shopping he needed done. Later we had a wonderful dinner again at my home with a missionary friend and her son and then went to Tutti Frutti's for yogurt.

Dr. Chris will be staying until Thursday morning. He will be attending the Shagali celebration that will be taking place for the breaking of the fast for peace in Nigeria. This will be at the Church of the Nativity this Wednesday August 8 at 6pm.

1. Ed King FA NN Team 2009 & Dr. Chris
2. Dr. Chris, me FA NN Team 2008 & 2009 & Gin Gin Dionko FA NN Team 2009
3. Dr. Chris & HFWA President Sara Kennedy
4. Jonathan Sanchez FA NN 2011 Team & Dr. Chris
5. Dr. Chris favorite bar desserts made by Sara Kennedy w/ FA Found. & HFWA logos
6. Cake made by Gin Gin Dionko w/ NN logo
7. My son Chris, me, my daughter Sophia, Austin Nossokoff, Russ McCahan
8. Kevin Lynch, Chris, Sophia, Marina Lynch, & Dr. Chris