Clinician Support Program

Supporting Caregivers





Sponsor a Doctor!

In 2015, one General Practitioner’s salary at Faith Alive for one year is $10,728

  • $1 per day for a year gives 13 patients access to their doctor for one year.
  • $50 per month for a year gives 21 patients access to their doctor for a year.
  • $28 given once allows 1 patient access to their doctor for a year.
  • $40 given once allows a doctor to see 40 patients in one day.



Caring for HIV patients, pregnant women and individuals with broken bones, malaria, tuberculosis, surgical needs and cancer, the hospital’s skilled and dedicated clinicians serve hundreds of patients per day.

Staff members at the completely free Faith Alive Hospital often go without salaries for months, or agree to take a salaries that are much lower than those of their peers in other hospitals, in order to ensure that the Faith Alive patients receive the care they need.

The Hope for West Africa Foundation and Faith Alive Foundation, Nigeria began the Clinician Support Program to guarantee salaries for staff members, ensuring that medical care providers are available for the continuous provision of skilled medical care for all patients in need.