News From Our Partners

Last week Erika Nossokoff , author of the blog Notes from Nigeria, posted news of the recent bombings that occurred in Jos. Looks like the bombings did have an affect on some family members of a coach of the youth soccer team. Read Erika's story.

Also, Erika has announced the release of her long awaited book depicting true life stories of those at Faith Alive Hospital. Erika is the USA coordinator for Faith Alive Foundation-Nigeria. She also coordinates the Save-A-Life personal sponsorship program for peoplle in Nigeria living with HIV/AIDS. Erika has traveled to Nigeria as a missionary numerous times. The book is scheduled to be released on Dec. 1, 2012 which is World AIDS Day. All profits will go to Faith Alive Foundation - Nigeria. This is very exciting news. I know I will be buying a book! She will be taking pre-orders. I will keep you posted.

There is also news from the Church of the Nativity, one of our partner churches here in Timonium. They had regretfully stated earlier that due to the current violence in Nigeria they would not be sending missionary teams this summer. Now they have announced a special summer event "Shagali." This will be a special evening on Aug. 8 of worship, prayer, and fellowship for the church community to celebrate missions and show solidarity for their strategic partners (The Anawim Home and Faith Alive Hospital) in Nigeria. The evening will culminate a week of fasting and praying for God's guidance in the missions program, for peace in Nigeria, and thankfulness for God's grace and goodness. We hope you will join us in prayer. See the Nativity Nigeria blog post details: NATIVITY:NIGERIA: Shagali: Partners in Prayer