Reaching Out

Due to the continuing civil unrest in Nigeria, the Church of the Nativity announced last Thursday that they will not be able to send a Nativity Nigeria missionary team there this summer. The church will continue to reach out and support the Anawim Home and the Faith Alive Hospital, as it awaits stabilization in the area before sending more teams. In the meantime they are planning some joint projects with us.

The Anawim Home and Faith Alive Hospital need our support now more than ever. The senseless violence adds to their already hard daily burdens of poverty and illness. The last bombing took place on Sunday March 11 at a Catholic church in Jos.

People who are ill are often not traveling to seek treatment and receive food at the hospital because they are afraid of becoming victims of the violence. The Hope for West Africa foundation is looking into providing the Faith Alive Hospital with two mobile clinics to help alleviate this situation. Dr.Chris, the medical director, and the staff at Faith Alive are determined to reach out to all those in need. If those in need can not get to the hospital, the staff will bring the hospital to them.

A new project that the Hope for West Africa Foundation is developing with the Anawim Home is building a new school academy for the children. Right now the children are taught in a small classroom that is part of the Anawim home. The school will allow the sisters to serve more children. Sister Oresoa and the sisters at the Anawim Home continue to be determined to save the children from the violence and poverty of the streets. They also will do everything they can to reach out to those in need.

Let's open our hearts and reach out to those who are suffering. Please pray for our friends at the Anawim Home and Faith Alive Hospital and all of Nigeria. Pray that the intolerance of the religious beliefs of others stops so that the resulting horrific violence, fear and loss of life will come to an end.