A New Year

I received so many inspiring and positive New Year messages from our Nigerian friends, that I wanted to share a few here with you.

Daniel M. Mwajim:
Don't End 2011 In Bitterness Against God or Man!! It Is Not Time To Pray Only !! It Is Time To Praise!!!!!! HAPPY 2012.

Sunday Simon Bakut:
2012 promises to be our year of unprecedented Divine favor. Let us all cross over with a positive start and all will be well with us. What the enemy stole in 2011, will be restored back.

Pastor Ben Ochenjele and family:
May we not be so high-minded that we miss Him at this time, for His throne though on high, He dwells low with men. The joy of Christmas is in finding Him and emptying ourselves of all for Him, that He will be made rich in us. May you find that joy today in Jesus' name. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Emanuel Abu:
As we end this challenging but insightful year...I want to advise that we should all have a clear vision for 2012. Beginning the year 2012 without a redefinition of purpose, could amount to someone becoming a subject of "abuse" by his fellow humans.

Uzoh Val Ginika:
Take control of my 2012, Lord... friends, here's to 2012.

Keep living your lives full of love, prayer and praise, my friends!
Happy 2012 to all of you and our readers.