Come This Christmas

Here we are, as Christians, anticipating within days the coming of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. On Sunday, December 25th, we will be celebrating Christmas, which is supposed to be all about Jesus.

A lot of people say the giving that we do this season represents the joy we have in our faith. As we strive to give to others this season, let us contemplate on what true giving really is. Can we try to take the focus off of our own gratification and materialism and share with those who really have less. Jesus was full of compassion. He entered into the human condition. He experienced it. Over and over again in scripture we see how Jesus was able to "see" people. The more we can become like Jesus, the more we can see the world through our Savior's eyes. Other people's problems become our concerns. Jesus gives us new eyes. Jesus gives us new hearts. Jesus makes us new.

Come Jesus! Come this Christmas! Make us new! Break our hearts for what breaks Yours. Compel us to truly give to those in need, not only at Christmas but all year round.

Here are pictures of the Sisters and the children enjoying a wonderful Christmas celebration at the Anawim Home. Sr. Oresoa sent these pictures to the HFWA Board with a thank you for the food, supplies and Christmas clothing that we sent. The children are so grateful and happy. We want to thank our most generous benefactors who make such a joyful celebration possible.

Merry Christmas to our partners at the Anawim Home and the Faith Alive Hospital. We pray for God to bless them in the New Year.