Summer Missions Underway

Our partner from Maryland, Church of the Nativity, has sent two teams to Nigeria this week. The teams arrived safely in Abuja on Sunday and settled in at the Anawim Home. They were given a most enthusiastic welcome by Sr. Oresoa, the other sisters, staff and children. On Monday, one team travelled on to Jos to meet up with Dr. Chris and the Faith Alive family. This team was treated to a welcome similar to the one in Abuja. After a short period of resting to recover from their long journey and getting acclimated to their surroundings, the teams began a week of activities that is mutually beneficial and rewarding to both the teams and the communities at Anawim Homes and Faith Alive.
Also visiting Faith Alive at this time is Erika Nossokoff from our partner in Colorado, First Presbyterian Church. Erika has been very close friend of Dr. Chris and the Faith Alive family for a few years now and she helps the Nativity team in their orientation. Her service during her visits to Faith Alive has been such a blessing to Dr. Chris and the community.

Reading the daily postings from each of these partners makes me reflect on my visits to our friends in Nigeria. How unforgettable those memories are! Our friends at both Anawim and Faith Alive are so expressive in their appreciation for what the teams do for them. But it was my experience, and I am sure it is shared by those there now, that I was blessed more by knowing them. Let us pray for both our African and American partners and that the mission trips bear much fruit for the glory of God.