Pass It On

The Anawim Home had a wonderful celebration for Christmas. They send their best wishes to all of us. They are grateful for all the support that has been given them and say that they are praying for us. That is Daniel in the picture that Sr. Oresao is holding. He is so happy with his new wheelchair.

Dr. Chris also sends his best to us. He wants us to know he has been able to give his walker to a patient at Faith Alive. He says,"Pictures that are attached are for a patient I visited at home who was sent back from Lagos to Jos to come die but we are currently treating her for TB and will soon commence ARVs. Unable to walk a few weeks ago, she can now attempt walking with the walker God graciously provided for me through all your efforts while receiving treatment in the U.S. She has remarkably improved with some hope of life. I APPRECIATE EVERYONE OF YOU. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO. Wishing you all a blessed 2011. Chris"

It is so wonderful to know how good can be passed on to others. Two small gifts have been able to be passed on that have made life changes for the two recipients. Happy New Year to everyone. May we pass good on in 2011 and may the Anawim Home and the Faith Alive Community have a year full of blessings.