God Is Near

We are entering the holiday season once again. Our church has been discussing our priorities with time and money and examining if they are aligned with God. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving next week. And we do have so much to be thankful for especially compared to other countries. Our tables will be steeped with food. I am having our family Thanksgiving celebration at my home this year. The planning has already started and the guests and menu keeps growing!

As we approach the Thanksgiving celebration this year, let's pray for those who not only do not have the material blessings we have, but who also do not have the freedoms that we enjoy in our country.

We have updates on two of our Nigerian friends, Daniel of the Poorest of the Poor and Little Chris of Faith Alive. Daniel has received the wheelchair that was brought to him by Sr. Oresoa from the Blattners. He is so happy to receive it! Little Chris has returned home with his father Daniel and he is doing great! Our God is an awesome God! He is present in our lives even if we can't see it. He is always near. He longs to be in a relationship with us. It is through us that God wants to change the world. When we let Him work through us, our lives will become a testament to Him.

"Do you believe that God is near? He wants you to. He wants you to know that He is in the midst of your world. Wherever you are as you read these words, He is present. In your car. On your plane. In your office, your bedroom, your den. He is near. And He is more than near. He is active."

Max Lucado