Vero, an 18 year old girl from Jos, Nigeria, has been living with severe chronic urological issues since the age of 8. Orphaned at age 12 when her father passed away, Vero lives in the transitional housing unit at the Faith Alive Hospital.  

Vero is in need of diagnostics and care that are not available where she lives, and as her condition continues to go untreated, Vero has begun to suffer from hypertension and renal failure. 

HFWA  is working with Faith Alive NigeriaWADSO and surgeons in the United States to help her receive the diagnostics and treatment she desperately needs. Her reduced-cost medical care and plane tickets to the US are expected to cost up to $4,000. You can help Vero! 

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Video courtesy of Chris Harper and Erika Nossokoff