Anawim Home

Sister Oresoa Selo-Ojeme is a small nun with a huge smile and a knack for convincing others to serve. In 1995, she left her comfortable teaching order in southern Nigeria to live with and serve those most in need on the streets of Abuja, Nigeria. Through determination, dedication and and a significant amount of time, she was granted a small piece of land in Gwagwalada, Nigeria. Sister Oresoa named it Anawim Home and started taking people in, offering the necessities of life; homes and education for orphans, compassion and skills training classes for single young mothers, and access to medical care, food, clothing and compassion to any in need within or outside of the Anawim walls. 

Sister Oresoa and the thirty other sisters who have joined her order now run programs in eight other locations; This includes multiple homes for over 75 orphans, 30 mentally ill, and 10 to 15 pregnant teens and young mothers, as well as a school for orphans and children from surrounding villages, and a skills acquisition program with training in computers, cooking, baking, hair dressing, sewing, weaving, carpentry and farming. Their community outreach program involves testing and counseling for HIV, a home based care program for the sick, distribution of food and clothing to the village of lepers, and care for other communities of outcasts in Ghana and Nigeria.