Anawim Home

    In 1995, Sister Oresoa Selo-Ojeme, PhD, left her comfortable life in Southern Nigeria to live on the streets of the capital city of Abuja, taking care of the poor and mentally ill. Through years of determination and hard work, Sr. Oresoa was able to move her ministry from under the city's bridges to a permanent residence in Gwagwalada, a town on the outskirts of Abuja. This ministry, named Anawim Home, offers shelter and opportunities for those most in need.

   Building a following of others willing to dedicate their lives to service, Sister Oresoa received permission to form a religious order, the Missionary Sisters of the Poorest of the Poor. This group of over 30 Sisters and 6 Reverend Brothers have been known to care for up to 80 orphaned children, 30 mentally and physically disabled, and 10-15 pregnant young girls at any time through social programs in Abuja and Kaduna, Nigeria and Yendi, Ghana.

    In addition to their residence programs, Anawim Home provides education and youth programming to over 400 local children through the Anawim School and outreach programs in Nigeria. In Ghana, they provide care and resettlement services to ostracized elderly women and educational opportunities to girls who have lost their family support after refusing forced marriage. They also provide access to medical care, food, clothing, and adult skills education to hundreds of downtrodden, ill, and impoverished individuals both within and outside of their walls.

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Special thanks to Lynn Morrell for videography, David "Native Son" Ross for writing and performing the "Anawim Saint" poem, and Dr. Bill Blattner, Mrs. Diane Blattner and Sister Oresoa for commentary.

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